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Pouring the concreteDue to the number of young stock we now have space is going to be needed this winter so we are currently building another shed. This is basically finishing off a shed we started 3 years ago and used it as a Moreton's dumper trailer.general purpose shed knowing eventually it would become a stock shed.

This picture shows the concrete foundations being poured and the base blocks set. We have also been moving rubble for the base with Moreton contractors dump trailer.

Regina the calf

There have been 2 calves born this month 1 simmental heifer, and 1 black and white heifer pictured here (far left picture) very shortly after her arrival.

(she was promptly named Regina by the children, after my wife's best friend (Right hand picture) who's 40th birthday it was, Happy Birthday Regina.)

We currently have no pigs as the last went to the slaughterhouse last week.

As I have mentioned we live over a rock salt mine, and until this month I had never been down to see it. Click on the link to view our trip.

Chopping the grass for sialgeSpreading the silage effluentSecond cut silage has been done on the 24/25th and we now have a good clampful. Before silaging we borrowed Moretons vacuum tanker and emptied the silage effluent tank. This is not a pleasant job and Paul kept a respectful distance with his camera!

Simon driving the tractorBoth our children celebrate their birthdays this month but for Simon it means that he can now learn to drive a tractor. Here he is pictured as if he had been driving for years.

On the bank holiday Monday we visited a summer Fayre at Heaton House Farm again click on the link.

The nature trail has now been activated and today 1st/9th we held a pond dip with Paul's Andrew's and our children and made some very interesting finds.

If you have have the time on the 27 September why not pop along to Hulme Barns farm Mere Knutsford, and see the Cheshire ploughing match. Events include:- horse ploughing, tractor ploughing, hedgecutting and hedge laying competitions, trade stands etc.

Finally this month we aim to tidy up some loose ends such as completing the clickable building map and you may be seeing a change of domain name.

See you next month Phil



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