January 2005
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This month our nature report photographs are taken by the youngest member of our team.

James is Andrew's (webby) son, following his dads acquisition of a new camera at christmas he took the opportunity to lay claim to and use his dads old digital camera.


His first target was to take a rare picture of this lesser camouflaged webby, a sneaky shot from behind

He actually managed to photograph the front as well, but said he was told by the other party that to show it could be dangerous.

"Just wait until I start writing the web ages" he said.

The first nature photograph he has to show is this picture of two of the most primitive of plant types that you can find i.e. lichen and moss

These are very simple organisms particularly the lichen's their ancestors were some of the earliest land dwelling life forms.


Moving onto a slightly more complex life form he snapped this photograph of what I think is a glistening inkcap fungi.

You can read more on fungi in our September 04 and November 04 nature reports

Fungi by the way are not plants but are a separate family of organisms.


A higher step up the life form ladder are trees although this particular one is, by the look of it on its way down. during a night of high wind a part of this willow tree was snapped off from the main trunk landing in the River Dane.

This will divert some of the flow of the water into the opposite river bank, it will be interesting to see if it results in as much erosion as a similar fall several hundred meters upstream.

His next group were the birds, The first one shows a snapshot of a moorhen making a run for it along the opposite river bank.



Also down by the river or rather on it was this pair of ducks. unlike the moorhen they did not seem to be worried by his presence.

His last bird picture is of a treecreeper. I must say that the JPEG compression used on the photo does not do justice to his photograph.

Finally we come to the mammals and what better representative than that stalwart companion of photographers here at greenheyes, Smidge.

Smidge is normally held responsible by our other "photographers" (who shall remain nameless) for their lack of images.

She does not appear to have posed much of a problem to James and I have to say well done to him for his first effort.

Why not grab yourself a camera and see what examples of nature you can capture. You could have a competition with your school class members or indeed your whole school, who knows one day it could make you famous.

Well that's it for this month, once again well done to James.

See you next month PHIL.


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